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Pro Staff

Pro Staff


Who We Are

Pro Staff is one of the largest privately owned staffing companies in the country specializing in the placement of talented people like yourself in positions that maximize your chance for success. Our name Pro Staff, short for Professional Staffing, was born out of a company vision that believes every employee in every discipline should be treated as a professional.

The high level of respect we give our employees is empowering. It provides you with an elevated degree of inspiration to meet the many goals that are set at every level. This relentless drive to succeed is what keeps our company anchored for perpetual growth, guaranteeing a measure of sustained profitability and increased market share in the years to come.

At Pro Staff, we've found the way to build strong relationships is by taking the time to get to know your talent. Throughout the placement process, our associates conduct a number of thorough performance reviews and satisfaction checks to make sure you're in the position that is perfect for you. This open channel of communication allows us to ensure your goals are being met, leading toward a mutually beneficial cycle of success.

After 20 years in the business, Pro Staff has developed a world-class customer care model that consistently delivers Level 5 service. Which means, you'll get an opportunity to work for some of the top companies in the industry. Thanks to a number of bold measures including our newest initiative, Talent That Works, we continue to raise the bar for the entire staffing industry, year after year.

While we continue to revolutionize the way companies do business, our foundation's core values remain timeless — namely integrity, the appreciation of talent, and most importantly, a passion for what we do. At Pro Staff, we believe that when you love what you do, it shows. And, when you love who you work for, you can partner to create a successful relationship that will last a lifetime.

Time and time again, we are able to recruit some of the top talent in the staffing industry. Maybe it is because we offer you the best benefits in the business. Maybe it is because we provide you with extensive discovery to ensure placement in the most ideal situation. Or, perhaps, it is simply because we understand how vital it is to have the right people on our team. One thing is for certain though. You will love working for us.

To propel us forward, we have created an innovative leadership model founded on a principle called "Direct and Serve." Clearly defined, it is the harmonious balance between setting expectations and providing the necessary tools to meet them. Rather than focusing on titles and roles, at Pro Staff we put faith in the fact that you have the ability to lead regardless of your position.

Taking great pride in each of our customers' accomplishments, Pro Staff has partnered to help thousands of companies realize their full potential. Over the years, it is this relentless passion for excellence that has made our company what it is today — a leader whose proven track record has helped set the standard for an entire industry.

Current Job Openings

There are no active positions available at this time.

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Pro Staff

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