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Seattle, Washington
  • Company Industry
    Information Technology
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  • Annual Sales
    4 Billion

Why Do People Enjoy Working at We hire people from vastly diverse backgrounds, and roles at the company vary greatly. Yet ask any Amazonian what he or she loves about working here, and you'll get surprisingly similar answers. * Our employees tell us that they get to work on some of the planet's most complex challenges in large-scale computing, supply chain management, and global merchandising. * They work with smart, experienced people on small, cross-functional teams. * And, they know that their hard work helps us create a world-class customer experience for the tens of millions of customers who shop with us around the globe. Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History Our working philosophy--work hard, have fun, make history--is actually quite telling. Our people radiate a genuine enthusiasm for their work. They definitely put their hearts and souls into what they do, for they know real customers are counting on them to innovate and keep our promises. The fun, then, is a natural extension of doing what you love to do. Working with smart people, on challenging projects, in an environment high on responsibility and low on politics, makes most people look forward to the workday. Add that the work we're doing is truly changing the way people find and discover products, and you begin to see that much of the root of our enthusiasm comes from our desire to do something that's never been done before. Our pioneering work--on behalf of tens of millions of customers all over world--has changed shopping forever. We're making history. And the good news is that we've only just started. Opportunity "Amazon has problems at the intersection of business and technology. The tech problems are hard: how do you generate relevant product recommendations for millions of customers in milliseconds each? At the same time, there's a big business component to every project you have to build--features that are relevant to real users and help them shop more effectively. Engineers play a big role in both the technology and business direction, frequently getting to drive project ideas they invented." --Blake, Software Development Manager Impact "It's exciting to see the projects I work on getting written up in the press, and how these projects not only impact and its customers but also the competitive landscape." --Bonnie, Financial Analyst "Working here, we get the rewards of working on something that is well-established, well-respected, and worldwide; yet we also get the challenges of working on cutting-edge, fresh, new frontiers. It definitely keeps me on my toes." --Maren, Senior User Interface Designer People "The people I work with expect a lot from each other, so there's the pressure to deliver not only for your customer, but for your teammates, too. This commitment shows in the productivity of our people. It also shows in the fun we have when we accomplish our goals. You don't work this hard unless you really enjoy it." --Jerry, Human Resources "People here are driven, passionate, and intelligent. The engineers I work with want to work on software that matters." --Vijay, Software Development Manager.





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Seattle Washington
United States
Additional Locations
UK, Germany, Japan, and France

Supports multiple banner ads per page, from any ad serving software. Flexible banner sizes

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